Review of 7 Best Bull Bars for Trucks in 2022 (Cost & Features In Detail)

Do you want your truck to look fashionable while still protecting the front end? Then you’ll need to get the best bull bars for trucks. Discover the best bull bar.

In A Hurry?

After 30 Hours Of Research We Select This Two Bull Bars

  • Premium Pick

    ARIES 2162000 AdvantEDGE Black Aluminum Truck Bull Bar

    • Edge Look
    • Non-Corrosive
    • Light Weight
    • No Drilling Required
  • Budget Pick

    Stehlen 714937186576 3″ Classic Series Bull Bar with 120W CREE LED Light Bar

    • LED Light Bar
    • Powder Coating Finish
    • Frame & Body Mount Design
    • Will Not Fit 2004 Ford F150 Heritage Models

Our truck’s front ends are the most vulnerable. Because, in addition to the usual road grime, you’ll have to contend with wildlife, debris, and, of course, other motorists. We absolutely need a solid, durable bull bar to protect the bumper, headlights, and grille from damage.

There are numerous bull bars on the market today, all of which are available in a variety of materials, finishes, and styles. It’s tough to pick the perfect bull bar for your truck on the first try. This buying guide can assist you in determining which bull bar is best for your truck.

What exactly is a Bull Bar?

If you have ever played any kind of sports, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a bull bar. You can realize the importance of having extra padding and protection when it comes to your personal safety, whether you’ve peered into the eyes of a 350-pound defensive tackle or just took a knee to the soft spot after trying to front the post.

It’s the same with your setup. Your front-end grille is deceptively delicate. All it takes is a large boulder, a strong tree branch, or a minor fender-bender to punch clean through, and you’re looking at a lot of money in repairs.

Protecting Your Vehicle with Bull Bars

You can secure those vulnerable, forward-facing components while adding significant off-road appeal with Ford Explorer bull bars, Toyota bull bars, or Westin grille guards.

These vehicle improvements, also known as front bumper guards, grille guards, or brush guards, are made of stainless steel tubing and protected against the elements with a powder-coating or polished finish. Each is custom-made for your unique year, make, and model by time-tested manufacturers. They’re usually made of solid, one-piece construction for tremendous, long-lasting toughness that can handle anything the road can throw at you.

Best Bull Bars for Trucks

Top 7 Best Bull Bars for Trucks Review

  • ARIES 2162000 AdvantEDGE Black Aluminum Truck Bull Bar
  • TAC Bull Bar Compatible with 1999-2006 Silverado/Sierra 1500LD
  • Barricade 3.50-Inch Bull Bar; Black for Ford F-150 2004-2020
  • TAC Bull Bar Custom Fit 2015-2021 Chevy Colorado
  • Stehlen 714937186576 3″ Classic Series Bull Bar
  • Westin Automotive Products 31-5175 Black E-Series Bull Bar
  • Westin 31-5960 E-Series Polished Bull Bar for Dodge RAM 1500

1. ARIES 2162000 AdvantEDGE Black Aluminum Truck Bull Bar

Our Top Pick
ARIES 2162000 AdvantEDGE Black Aluminum Truck Bull Bar


  • Design that is unique.
  • Aluminum alloy structure that is both durable and light.
  • For enhanced flair, LED work lights are flush-mounted.


  • Some models necessitate the use of a professional installer.

If you want to give your truck an edgy, one-of-a-kind style, the Aries 2162000 AdvantEDGE Truck Bull Bar is exactly what you need. This bullbar has a very modern design that gives the truck an aggressive appearance. The eight-sided tube profile in an angular shape achieves this peculiarity.

The bull bar is made of aluminum and is black. It features a powder coat coating to keep it from corroding. It can withstand a variety of conditions, including snow, dirt, mud, rain, and more. This is also equipped with a track designed specifically for attaching LED lights.

This bull bar is one-of-a-kind and custom-made for the Toyota Tundra, with an all-aluminum, angular design. The powder coat coating provides integrated anti-rust protection. It’s also small and light, and it fits well on the truck’s front end.

2. TAC Bull Bar Compatible with 1999-2006 Silverado/Sierra 1500LD

TAC Bull Bar Compatible with 1999-2006 Silverado/Sierra 1500LD

TAC’s bull bar fits Ford F150s from 2002 to 2019, as well as Ford Expeditions from 2003 to 2017. It features an exceptional design that gives it a heavy-duty and durable appearance while also providing much-needed protection and increasing visibility from afar. Aside from the sturdy construction, it has been powder coated twice and is finished in a glossy black hue.

With its straight bolt-on construction, you may easily install it even in your garage. When you purchase the bull bar, you will also receive the instruction booklet and mounting hardware. The manufacturer backs up its product with a three-year warranty against manufacturing faults.

This bull bar will look great on any of the trucks that are compatible with it. The item is well-polished and appears to be trustworthy. It’s also simple to set up, with all of the necessary gear and instructions on hand. It can provide the necessary protection and visibility for your truck.


  • A lifetime warranty is included.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Strong and available in three different finishes.


  • Anti-rust protection is not available.

3. Barricade 3.50-Inch Bull Bar; Black for Ford F-150 2004-2020

Barricade 3.50-Inch Bull Bar

A Barricade 3.5-inch Oval Bull Bar is a simple and practical solution to give your 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma solid front-end and under-carriage protection. The integrated front skid plate on this Bull Bar protects against all forms of trail and road hazards. This black Bull Bar is ideal for Tacomas that do double duty on and off-road, as it can confidently endure bumps and bangs while maintaining a clean appearance.

Barricade’s Bull Bars are designed to be a simple bolt-on retrofit with only basic hand tools, requiring no drilling for a clean and simple installation. Installation hardware is included, making this a simple operation for anybody to perform.

Barricade has the foresight to include two light mounts in its Bull Bar. These two center mounts make it simple to add a set of auxiliary lights to the front of your Tacoma for added visibility at night.


  • Easy, Bolt-on Installation
  • Perfect for Tacoma’s that pull double duty both on and off-road
  • Skid Plate is specifically designed


  • There are no additional finishes available.

4. TAC Bull Bar Custom Fit 2015-2021 Chevy Colorado

TAC Bull Bar Custom Fit 2015-2021 Chevy Colorado

The Predator is a low-cost alternative that can be ordered with or without a mesh plate. However, we strongly advise you to go with it because it is just a little more expensive but well worth it. It uses a powerful flow steering mechanism to dissipate heat much more efficiently.

In addition, the bar comes with LED light installation hardware in case you want to add additional visual aids. The IP67 waterproof rating of the 20″ LED light option means you can transport your setup through any environment without fear of it being harmed.

The delicate, textured finish is not only attractive, but it also protects against rust and scratches. In addition, the double coating and professional protection will aid in this regard, ensuring that it remains in excellent condition for many seasons to come.


  • Affordable
  • Mesh provides for improved heat dissipation.
  • Constructed entirely of steel
  • There is no need to drill.


  • We don’t find any cons

5. Stehlen 714937186576 3″ Classic Series Bull Bar

Stehlen 714937186576 3" Classic Series Bull Bar

This bull bar is available in matte black, polished finish, or a mix of the two, and it adds style to any Tundra. It is designed to fit models from 2007 to 2021 and provides a superior front bumper with strong grille protection.

As a result, it’s an excellent addition for off-road use. The mounting equipment is included in the package to make installation easier. However, there are still many modifications to be made.

This bullbar not only looks excellent, but it also offers lots of room for extra accessories. You may set up lights and adjust them as needed, which should not take long.

A good example is the frame structure, which is suitable for a light bar. The bull bar is still in fine shape after months of use. As a result, it has proven to be one of the most trustworthy tests to date.


  • All parts for installation are supplied.
  • After months of use, it is still in fine condition.
  • Structure with a light frame
  • It’s ideal for adding a second light bar.


  • Many adjustments/tweaking are required.

6. Westin Automotive Products 31-5175 Black E-Series Bull Bar

Westin Automotive Products 31-5175 Black E-Series Bull Bar

If you want to give your truck a more tough appearance, you should check out Westin Automotive Bull Bar. It will suit Silverado, Sierra, and Classic pickups from Chevrolet and GMC. This bull bar is available in two finishes: black powder coat and polished chrome, both of which add class and beauty to any truck.

It’s comprised of 3-inch diameter coated steel tubing with a completely welded cross tube for added strength. It has likewise undergone two-step polishing to produce the finish, but no special rust-prevention coating has been applied.

Bullbars in this series are ideal for larger SUVs and trucks. It’s simple to put together and comes with a mounting kit. Skid plates are standard on most bullbars, and this one is no exception. It comes with a three-year warranty in case there are any manufacturing flaws.


  • It can accommodate a variety of huge SUVs and vehicles.
  • With a skid plate included
  • Additional lights can be mounted to it.


  • Scratches are plainly visible on the coating.

7. Westin 31-5960 E-Series Polished Bull Bar for Dodge RAM 1500

Westin 31-5960 E-Series Polished Bull Bar

If you have an E-Series and are searching for a heavy-duty grille protector for the front end, this could be a good option. The finish, which is constructed of stainless steel, is covered by a lifetime warranty. The black powder coat finish comes with a 3-year warranty.

It would be able to protect you from many road disasters. It’s a one-of-a-kind design for the E-Series, with a full punch center grille and tubular 2-inch shape. One-piece welded upright, heavy-duty rubber pads, and fully wrapped around headlight protectors are included in the kit.

If you decide to get it, it will give your vehicle a tough appearance. To obtain a speedy installation, all you have to do is bolt everything up. A polished stainless steel finish or a black coated powder mild steel finish are both options.


  • It is strong.
  • When it comes to the finish, you have an option
  • Installation is simple.
  • It will give your truck a tough appearance.
  • The steel finish comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Not all types of vehicles are eligible.
  • Instructions for installation are unclear.

Bull Bar Installation on 2007 Toyota Tundra

Best Bull Bars for Trucks – Buying Guide

When purchasing truck bull bars, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because bull bars are required to provide additional protection for your truck, it is imperative to understand the features and variables to consider before making such an important purchase. When choosing a bull bar for a truck, keep the following considerations in mind.

Budget :

Different bull bars come in a variety of price ranges. The material, size, color, thickness, and features all contribute to the pricing range. It is not advisable to get the most expensive or the cheapest; the most important consideration is your budget. Simply purchase the one whose pricing is a perfect match for your budget.

Resistant to impact :

Bullbars will have to take a hammering from rocks, snow, rain, debris, and a variety of other things, thus they should be impact resistant. It must also be UV and corrosion resistant in addition to this characteristic.

Airflow :

Make that the bull bar does not block airflow to your truck’s cooling system, which includes the radiator, intercooler, and air conditioning condenser. It should be equipped with a venting system.

Construction :

It should have rounded corners and edges, as well as chamfered and rounded flanges, and should not slant forward more than a hundred millimeters from the base. It’s also crucial that it fits the shape of your truck’s front end. There are numerous other factors to consider, but the most crucial is that they do not impede the driving lights or the driving plate.

FAQs [Best Bull Bars for Trucks]

Q: How effective are bull bars?

Yes, they do when they fit properly with your vehicle!

Q: Can a deer be stopped by a bull bar?

Yes, it will (assuming the ones on our list are of good quality). They keep the animal from rolling over the hood and smashing into the windshield.

Q: Which brush guard is the best?

Any of the options in our guide are fantastic. Because they differ so greatly, it all boils down to the car you have, the environment you’ll be operating it in, and your personal preferences.


Bullbars are a terrific method to protect your truck while also making it look better. They should not interact with any of your vehicle’s other components or accessories. The bull is designed to add an extra layer of protection to the front underbelly of the vehicle, especially in the event of an accident. It can assist protect the vehicle’s structural integrity. In this article, we try to cover the best bull bars for trucks. Hopes it helps you a lot to choose the right one.

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