Best Truck Tool Box in 2022 For Money (Budget-Friendly)

A truck tool box is an essential part of any truck owner’s kit. A toolbox can contain just about everything you might need for the day to day maintenance and upkeep, from hand tools like screwdrivers and wrenches to specialty items such as a torque wrench or lug nut key set.

What is the best truck tool box for the money? That’s a question that many people ask themselves when they are looking to purchase one or replace an old one. It can be hard to find the best truck toolbox for your needs with so many on the market today.

  • Premium Pick

    UWS EC10473 69-Inch Matte Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box with Low Profile

    • Easy to install
    • Extra-thick Aluminum
    • Item Weight: 58 Pounds
  • Budget Pick

    ARKSEN 24 Inch Durable Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box Pickup Truck

    • Polished finish
    • Item Weight: 17.64 Pounds
    • Position: Underbody
  • Best Value

    Buyers Products 1705150 Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Box

    • Durable and Dependable
    • Item Weight: 22 Pounds
    • Position: Underbody

This article post will discuss some of the best truck tool boxes from Amazon, features, truck tool box reviews, and considerations to take into account when buying a new toolbox. We will also be discussing what is the top truck tool box for the money that you have.

So if you want to find out what is the best truck storage box, then keep reading to find the best one for you and your vehicle.

Here Are Our Top 10 Best Truck Tool Box For 2022:

  • Best Premium Pick: UWS EC10473 69-Inch Matte Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box
  • Best Value: Buyers Products 1705150 Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Box
  • Best For 2020 – 2021 Chevy: Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC100D
  • Best For Sturdiness: Weather Guard – 127-5-02 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box
  • Best For Build Quality: Weather Guard Saddle Box, Silver, 27-1/2in D, Al (117002)
  • Best Budget Pick: ARKSEN 24 Inch Durable Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box Pickup Truck
  • Best For Heavy Duty: TYFYB 39″X13″X10″ Black Aluminum Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck Bed 5 Bar Tread Tool Box
  • Best For Price: UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC300D | Fits 2002-2018, 2019-21
  • Best Value for money: TruXedo TL – TonneauMate | 1117416 | TonneauMate Toolbox – Fits Most Full Size Trucks
  • Best For Toyota Tacoma 2005-2020: Speedmotor 2Pcs Lockable Truck Bed Storage Box Toolbox Swing Case

In A Hurry?

The Winner After 30 Hours Of Research

Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Box

Diamond Tread Aluminum Underbody Truck Box
  • Made with a waterproof material that prevents its content from getting drenched by rain.
  • Has an incredible locking mechanism that makes its content secure from thieves.
  • Well built which makes it survive the toughest environments.
  • Built with a high-quality material that increases its durability.

Truck Tool Box Reviews (More Below)

Best Truck Tool Box
Best Truck Tool Box

1. UWS EC10473-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box

UWS EC10473 69-Inch Matte Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck ToolBox

UWS EC10473 69-Inch Matte Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box is the top truck toolbox that can be used for all of your tools and equipment. It is also a low profile tool box. This UWS truck toolbox has a heavy-duty, matte black finish that is resistant to corrosion and rust. The box features a dual lid system allowing the user to open either the top or bottom of the box at any time. It also includes two keys for locking both lids shut when not in use.

The hydraulic lift assist provides easy access to your tools while keeping them safe inside of your truck bed.

The EC10473 model also includes adjustable dividers. That allows the user to customize their own truck storage box for their tools without having them take up additional space inside of the truck bed. The dividers adjust in height and width, so they can be tailored to best fit your needs.

UWS EC10473 Aluminum Tool Box


  • Rigid Core lid
  • Made with an extra-thick aluminum
  • It has built-in tool trays
  • You can choose from multiple styles & sizes


  • Some assembly required
  • Heavy to carry around, best for in-garage use.
  • Price is on the high end of the spectrum (but it costs more and works better)

2. Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

The Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Tool Box is the perfect truck bed storage solution for your outdoor gear, tools, or any other items that need to be kept safe and secure while you are on the road. The compact size of this truck bed box makes it great for pickups and SUVs with limited space in their beds. This box can also be used as a trunk organizer if you have a spare tire in your vehicle’s trunk.

The Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box comes with an adjustable lid so you can customize it to fit your needs. You can even remove the lid to use this toolbox as a luggage carrier.

The best truck bed storage box for you is going to be different than what’s best for someone else, but with so many options available it can be hard deciding which one will work best for your situation.


  • Doesn’t require any assembly
  • Easy to carry around
  • No need to drill holes
  • Lockable for added security


  • It only fits some truck-like 2020 – 2021 Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra HD 2500/3500 Drivers Side

3. Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle Box

Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle Box

This Weatherguard toolbox is made of lightweight aluminum and has a durable black powder coat finish that will stand up to the elements.

It features two locking doors which is why it is the most secure truck toolbox among the three, four adjustable dividers (two with removable shelves), a full-size inside utility compartment, and a cushioned lid for added comfort when riding in an upright position. The Weatherguard toolbox measures 23″L x 16″W x 14″H and weighs 34 lbs.


  • It has a seal for all weather that keeps moisture out even with the worst weather conditions
  • There is more storage than most toolboxes because of its design and it offers easy access to tools.
  • It can be mounted on either side of your truck so you don’t have to worry about blocking another set of lights or emergency brake when mounted on one side only.
  • Cheaper than other truck toolboxes


  • It could be heavy, so you need a tailgate that can support the extra weight (so your best truck toolbox doesn’t affect handling).

4. Weather Guard Saddle Box, Silver, 27-1/2in D

Weather Guard Saddle Box, Silver, 27-1/2in D, Al (117002)

The Weather Guard Saddle box silver is a top-notch box that is well built and can be adjusted to fit easily into any full-size pickup truck. It’s made with aluminum, and it has a diamond plate pattern. They feature a clear coat finish that shields them against foreign materials. They make use of a retracting lock system which makes it hard to break and comes with a 12V access placed at the back in case of power. Weather guard boxes come with various storage sections where you can store a 48″ level on the back. It also features a removable storage box on one side which is perfect for drill bits and other small accessory items.


  • Great strength, which allows it to carry up to 130lbs and still going.
  • It is spacious, which permits it to contain more tools securely.
  • It is built with a durable material that allows it to outlast any other type of boxes.
  • Easy to install.
  • Keeps your tools dry even after heavy rain.


  • It is expensive to purchase.
  • Heavy to carry around.

5. ARKSEN 24 Inch Durable Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box Pickup Truck

ARKSEN 24 Inch Durable Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box Pickup Truck

The ARKSEN 24 Inch Durable Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box Black is a strictly constructed box. It is made up of diamond tread patterns that give it strength and also aid its durability. As the name implies, it features an aluminum plate that reduces its weight, thereby making it easier to convey and also reducing its vulnerability from corrosion.

It is carefully polished, which increases its dependability over the year. It will easily sit under your truck, providing more space for storage. Likewise, it features a weather-resistant material that makes its content safe from rain or other hazardous weather. Its lock is fixed technically, as it comes with a cap that will prevent water from getting through it. It is a useful box for storing your tools, either at home or in your vehicle.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It prevents moisture from getting into the box.
  • It is not easily susceptible to theft.
  • It provides extra storage space.


  • Not heavy duty.
  • Made with aluminum foil which makes it easily dented.

6. TYFYB 39″X13″X10″ Black Aluminum Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck Bed 5 Bar Tread Tool Box

TYFYB 39"X13"X10" Black Aluminum Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck Bed

The TYFYB 39” X13” X10” Black Aluminum Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck Bed 5 Bar Tread Tool Box Is designed with a textured aluminum which makes it suitable for heavy-duty. It is portable in a way that it easily fits on your truck bed and provides you with more space for storage on your truck bed.

It features a fold-up door that makes it easily accessible. It also features overhanging lips that prevent water from getting inside. This brings about peace of mind even when driving in heavy rain. Its lock is well built-in, which ensures your tools or the content inside is safe and secure from theft or water that may damage it. It is perfect for storing your tools both at home or on your truck.


  • It is water-resistant, thereby keeping your tools safe
  • It is weatherproof (can withstand any type of weather)
  • Lightweight providing easy conveyance.
  • Rust resistant.


  • It is flimsy, which limits its use for heavy-duty

7. UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC300D | Fits 2002-2018, 2019-21

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

The Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box requires no special tool as it is easy to install. It permits full use of the truck bed as it swings your gear to you without stress. Its cover comes in a glossy black finish, and it also lies flush within the truck bed.

This cover permits you to drive with the cover partially or fully open. It is accessible for both the driver and passenger. It comes with a year warranty and has a 75lbs weight capacity. Not only that, but it is designed using lightweight, high-impact, and ABS plastic. It easily fits into your truck and is weather resistant.

It is made with a versatile twist lock that permits you to open it with or without a key. Likewise, it comes with a moisture seal that keeps any form of moisture away from the box, thereby keeping your contents dry and protected against foreign elements.


  • It is easy to install.
  • Secure storage solution.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • It is truck bed cover compatible.


  • It is not suitable for real tools and works.
  • It won’t last long.

8. TruXedo TL – TonneauMate | 1117416 | TonneauMate Toolbox – Fits Most Full Size Trucks

TruXedo TL - TonneauMate | 1117416 | TonneauMate Toolbox

The TruXedo TonneauMate Toolbox fits any type of truck. Unlike others, it is unique because its elevated mounting allows the full use of the truck bed as it covers less space. It is well-built with a high-quality heavy-duty material that gives it the capacity to carry heavy loads without breaking down.

It is also versatile and can be placed in the front, middle, and rear of the truck bed. Furthermore, it can be mounted under a truck bed, which provides additional security. It works well with numerous truck bed covers such as Lo pro, deuce, etc. Its storage is lockable meaning it will be safe from theft and will last long.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It is also easy to lock.
  • It allows the use of the truck bed efficiently.


  • The lock is cheap making it easily vulnerable to theft.
  • It might be difficult to install some model.

9. Speedmotor 2Pcs Lockable Truck Bed Storage Box Toolbox Swing Case

Speedmotor 2Pcs Lockable Truck Bed Storage Box

The Speed motor 2Pcs Lockable Truck Bed Storage Box Toolbox Swing Case Replacement is made with a High impact ABS plastic which is lightweight. It approximately weighs 36 pounds. It will fit on your truck suitably. Likewise, it is weatherproof, which makes it withstand any type of weather.

It has a tough case. It features a twist-lock that permits you to open it with or without a key. Not only that, but it is of large capacity, thus maximizing your truck’s bed capacity. It can fit directly at the left, rear, and right of your truck bed. Installing it is easy as it requires no special tool. However, professional installation is recommended.


  • It is suitable for any truck bed.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • It is easy to install.


  • It won’t last long.

Things to Consider Before Buying Truck Toolbox

In this section, we will be going over what to look for when buying a truck toolbox.

The best truck boxes come in two different varieties: lift-out and tray style. Lift-out toolboxes are the more traditional option, which means they have individual compartments that slide out of the base for easy access to your tools. The downside is that you can’t take them out of your truck as they are permanently mounted to the best truck bed.

Tray-style best truck boxes come with a single tray that is lifted from its base and can be taken out, so you have more flexibility in where it’s positioned (on your best truck bed).

Here are some tips when buying the best truck tool box:

Consider the Size and Shape of Your Truck Bed

You need to first consider the size and shape of your truck bed. Some tools are long or wide, while others may be tall like a saw. Consider that you might not have room for every item in an average square inch on the floor of a typical pickup cab so it’s best if you can find one with a toolbox that best suits your needs.

The more room you have to work, the better off you’ll be and it will take less time for a job like oil changes or tire rotation which may save money in the long run as well since you won’t need additional help from others.

Think of How Often You Will Need to Access Your Tools

The best toolboxes are those that can be accessed easily and quickly.

For example, if you have to stop the vehicle in order to get your tools out of the front section of a drawer or cabinet, then this is not an ideal way for them to be stored. This would require moving back in traffic and pulling over, which is not safe at all.

Look For a Toolbox That Is Durable and Has a Good Ergonomic Design

The best truck toolbox should be durable and have an ergonomic shape. Make sure the locking mechanism is strong and will not break easily, as this would leave your tools vulnerable to theft.

The best truck toolbox offers plenty of storage space for all types of hardware. An easy way to find the best truck toolbox is to look for one that has good truck toolbox reviews when purchasing it online.

Look For Models With Features Like Locks, Hidden Hinges, or Power Outlets

Make sure to look for different features. These features ensure the safety of the items inside and their visibility to other drivers.

When it comes to choosing a model, there are many things you should consider: size, weight capacity, ventilation system, the capability of carrying a laptop or tablet, and the number of compartments.

Check Out What Other Customers Are Saying About the Product

It would be helpful for you to read truck tool box reviews first before you purchase a truck toolbox. Customers who have left reviews for different products can help you to make an informed decision before buying a product, and will also let you know what other customers are saying about this type of best truck toolbox in particular.

Make Sure You Buy a Toolbox That Will Fit Your Budget

It is important to understand how much money you are willing and able to spend on the best truck toolbox before making any purchase decisions. You can find some of the best truck tool boxes for as low as $25, but it’s not uncommon for them to cost up to $800. Truck toolboxes can range in size from as small as 12 inches to as large as 48 inches.

You should always keep in mind that truck toolbox for the money you are spending is worth it.

How to install a truck tool box in your truck bed (Video Tutorial)

Pro Tips: How to install a truck tool box without drilling
(Must read before installing toolbox in your truck)

FAQ For The Best Truck Tool Box

What Is the Best Low Profile Truck Tool Box?

There are some considerations when you are looking for the best low-profile truck toolbox. But UWS also provides the best that you can have to make your experience in finding a good one more enjoyable.

The best low-profile truck toolbox is made of full metal, not plastic and it should also be compact with minimal design. It should have at least one side as well as a bottom compartment for larger tools like wrenches or pliers.

What Size Toolbox Does My Truck Need?

To measure your truck for your toolbox, measure the width and depth of your truck bed. The best way to find out if you need a wide or narrow toolbox is by measuring your truck’s width (inside) first as this will be how much space you have for storage inside the toolbox.

If you go with a standard-size toolbox such as 22x48x12, you should be able to fit the best truck toolbox inside your truck bed.

If you’re going with a narrower truck toolbox such as 22x36x12 it will take up less room and have more space for storage in it but some trucks might not work well with these dimensions on either side of the best truck toolbox.

Why Are Truck Tool Boxes so Expensive?

Toolboxes are made of heavy-duty materials, which is why they are so expensive. A toolbox or any other option for storing tools in your truck should be able to withstand the wear and tear of constant use.

Are Truck Tool Boxes Worth It?

This is a question best answered by the individual. The best truck toolbox for one person may not be best for another. What are your needs? How much do you need to carry with you on the go? Are you always out in the field or will it mostly just be at home use?

These are questions worth asking when considering a truck toolbox.

What Material Is Best For Me?

Metal boxes are best in cooler climates and made of aluminum or steel, while plastic boxes can be best if you live near the beach because they are more durable against sun damage, but will not last as long in colder temperatures. Plastic also tends to become brittle over time and may break more easily.

Is a Locking Truck Tool Box Best For Me?

If you need to deter thieves, or simply want to keep your tools out of the reach of children in the home, then it is best to invest in a lockable truck toolbox.

What are the best truck toolbox brands in the market?

The ones we discussed above are just the top three best brands of a toolbox for truckers. These best brands are just the tip of the iceberg, there is an entire world out there with all types and sizes of toolboxes for trucks that you can find if you look hard enough.

Where Can I Buy the Best Truck Tool Box for the money?

There are many places to buy the best truck toolbox. One place is at your local hardware stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes. Another option would be a website like Amazon where you can narrow down the best options based on price and reviews from other purchasers. Sometimes they even offer free shipping!


When choosing the right and best truck toolbox, you should consider the best quality that is best suited for your needs. You can then buy a truck toolbox according to what best suits your vehicle and lifestyle so it becomes more convenient to store and transport your tools when needed.

Take into consideration the top three products from Amazon that we have discussed in this article.

You should now find it easier to buy the best tool box for your truck. Also, make sure that you take into consideration all of these guidelines and tips in order for you to have a better understanding of what best fits your needs best, as well as the product’s quality. It is important that when choosing an item and trying to find the best truck tool box for the money, one takes into account the best quality, in addition to its best price.

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