How to Install a Truck Tool Box Without Drilling in 2022?

Installing a tool box in your truck bed comes in various ways and procedures. How to install a truck tool box without drilling will be mentioned in this write-up. You can successfully install a toolbox in your truck without the need to drill which will not affect your truck. How to securely fix your truck toolbox without drilling is listed before. Go through till the end to find out how.

Looking back to methods in fixing a truck tool box, the method without drilling is now widely followed and used. Installation of a toolbox with drilling may not only be dangerous, but it can also cause great damage to your truck. Installing with drilling method may require a need of a professional thereby it will require you spending extra amount of money.

Why the Non Drilling Installation Method Is Widely Used?

  1. Non-drilling truck tool box installation benefits are now widely known because it is a better method without much damage.
  2. This method is mounting is easily done. A truck owner does not need professional help before installing a truck tool box.

Having a toolbox attached is beneficial. What can a toolbox do for you as a truck owner?

  • It can serve as a protection gadget for your items. When you need your truck to move equipment, materials, and things, you can keep them in the tool box.
  • This will make sure your goods are safe from harm. It will keep your objects safe and allow them to be put in place. Keep calm your items are safe.
  • It can accommodate several objects and items.
  • It helps to achieve a well-organized arrangement of tools.
  • Saves time when searching for an accessory or tools.
  • With a toolbox, you do not need to worry about you misplacing or losing your equipment due to the scattering of things around.
how to install a truck tool box without drilling
How to Install a Truck Tool box Without Drilling

Instrument for Installing Truck Toolbox

Below are instruments for installing truck tool box:

  • A spanner, wrench
  • Screws, bolts and aluminum nuts, and hooks
  • Gloves and cloth for safety and protection
  • The toolbox
  • Padding tools
  • Tape for taking measurement

How to Install Truck Tool box Without Drilling?

The following are the steps to achieve an installation of a toolbox to your truck without drilling.


First and foremost, pick an unoccupied place that will be easy for installation. Measure the place you are going to mount your toolbox into. This is to make sure the toolbox is perfectly fixed after installing to avoid fault. Since you are measuring, tape is used. This is the first step on how to mount a truck toolbox.


The next step is to pad the foam truck. Foam pad your truck before installing especially the bottom and sideways position. This will prevent and protect your truck from any unexpected circumstances that the installing process may cause your truck. Some trucks are already designed with a Bedlinen. Therefore this kind of truck does not need to go through this process.

Arrange holes in the tool box:

The truck had some holes which are found below part and it is designed with rubber plugs. You need to remove the plugs, and put the toolbox where it is good therefore arrange those holes in the truck found at the below part with the truck bed rail by removing the cap of the toolbox.

Fasten hooks, screws and bolts:

This process is the next step after arranging the toolbox holes with the bed rail holes. Fasten your bolts well which you will be required to use between the range of 4 to 6 bolts. This method may be required to take place before putting your toolbox on the bed rail. This depends on how the toolbox meant for your truck is being manufactured and designed.

Attach the toolbox well:

This is to be fixed to the bed liner of your truck with the use of aluminum nuts. Now, make use of your spanner, wrench to fasten up the nuts, bolts well to the truck. When it is well fixed, the toolbox will be well-positioned. The nut must be well-fastened with the right force. The insufficient fix will cause movement of the tool box in your truck while in motion.


Check the installation thoroughly and properly. The toolbox cover has to be freely open without any hindrance. To see if it has been securely mounted to your truck rail. Look if there isn’t anything left out. Try moving the toolbox to check it has been attached. It shouldn’t show signs of movement.

Extra Knowledge for Successful Installation of the Tool box

  1. Use hooks specifically j hooks type of these physical measures.
  2. The hooks must be the stainless type
  3. It should be the heavy-duty hook type
  4. The width of the hook size should be 5 to 16inches
  5. Use a 5 inches long hooks
  6. Your nuts and bolts should be aluminum made: this type of nuts will drive in well. This won’t easily loosen out from the bed rail when truck is going through vibrations and rough path.
  7. Care for the toolbox by checking it up frequently. Clean out dirt when dirty.

Things to Know Before Installing a Truck Tool box Without Drilling

* Know the toolbox that is perfect for your truck.
* Prepare a toolbox that which your goods can perfectly fit into. A toolbox that is designed to mount easily. A tool box can vary in size.
* Use protective wears
* Know that the toolbox has to be top-notched secured. Securing a truck toolbox will save you from stress.
* The fittings must be well keyed. The lock part must be well secured.
* Know how to treat your truck and have an idea of how to make your truck safe while in motion against drilling. Know to handle it against a rough path without causing damage.
* In choosing the equipment for attaching toolbox, pick out the perfect type for your truck, the quality of your tools should be great.

How to Install a Truck Tool Box Without Drilling

(Video Tutorial)


There are different types of toolbox that you can mount on your truck depending on their sizes, design, and their features.

Crossover toolbox: these toolboxes are big. These boxes are the ones fitted for large size equipment like beds.
Side toolbox: these are suitable for objects with many lengths. Long packages.
Fifth toolbox: these are for much smaller and portable items.
Chest toolbox: portable and sizes the bed truck perfectly without showing above the bedside of the truck.
Wheel well toolbox: it has a great height that is tall.

FAQ (How To Install A Truck Tool Box Without Drilling)

Toolboxes type. How are they installed to fit in for the desired item?

The side toolbox is installed across the length of any long item while that of crossover is across the width.

How can I attach my toolbox well to the truck bed rail without damaging it?

All you need to be beware of is force driving. Do not use too much force when fitting your aluminum nut.

As a truck owner, do I have to install a toolbox?

Installing a toolbox is useful. Instead of tucking your goods in the bed of the truck. You can do so to better safeguard your items.

How can I securely attach the toolbox to my truck?

Follow the procedures listed thoroughly. To know how to attach a toolbox to a truck without drilling, read below. Well, detailed procedures and steps have been listed. Know that before starting any work, prepare down your working tools for mounting.

How to tighten my bolt and nut?

Get yourself a spanner. With the right amount of force, you will achieve that.

My toolbox is not stable, especially when moving on rough terrains. Why?

The installing process which includes the bolt tightens is not well done. Check for loosening bolts and screw them well.

Finally, the above-listed procedures have shown to successfully mount and install your truck tool box without drilling successfully in a secure manner. Follow and save yourself from trouble. You fixing your toolbox is dependent on how well you follow the listed steps. To get a complete job make use of quality instruments that will wear off slowly and last longer.
As a businessman, farmer, moving company, or just a truck owner, having a toolbox mounted or installed will do no harm but good. Install and get trucking.

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