Yukon Grizzly Locker Review For 2022 (Features & FAQs Covered)

Yukon Grizzly Locker Review, You need to know everything!

Yukon Grizzly Lockers are important vehicle components that ensure the best performance on the road. Designed to help you maintain a firm grip while driving, the grizzly locker will ensure that you can power your wheels efficiently. Additionally, the lockers also provide engagement, letting you go around bends and navigate corners on your trail.

They are the best addition to your vehicle accessories when you need to take part in a drag competition and ensure that you are entirely in control of your driving. This guide is your ultimate selection guide when you need a gear and axle locker that will help you drive better.

Yukon Gear & Axle (YGLD30-4-27) Grizzly locker for Dana 30, 27 spline, 3.73 & up

yukon grizzly locker review


  • It is built from strong materials
  • Automated disengagement
  • Reduced locker failures thanks to patented technology
  • Quiet performance thanks to a nice case and advanced design


  • Might require a professional for installation
  • Not suitable for the snow


  • The Yukon Gear & Axle Grizzly Locker for Dana 30, 27 splines, has been designed to eliminate locker failures. Compared to other lockers in the market, the Grizzly locker from Yukon has been tested to ensure that you get the best performance.
  • Without failures, the locker will give you the best driving experience, and drags on the road will be easy to accomplish. The Grizzly locker is also made of strong components and has also been thoroughly tested to ensure that it will perform as you would expect.
  • The clutches and side-gears have been designed to provide 100% power to the tires, and while you are negotiating bends, they quickly disengaged. The disengaging is automated, and you do not have to worry about anything when going around corners.
  • When you intend to go on a drag racing competition, you will require components that are not only high-performance and reliable but have the strength needed for such heavy demands. Off-road driving with the locker will be easy and stress-free, and you will get the reliable performance you need for navigating rough terrain.
  • The mechanical locking differential is also high performance and can rely on the racing track. It has been proven to stand up to the highest traction demands from drivers and is designed for intensive driving conditions.
  • The lock also boosts your confidence, and no mean-looking terrain will discourage you from driving. With the locking feature, you will get to experience easier driving where you are in control. The Grizzly lock also ensures that you drive safely and have a firm grip on the road despite how rough it might be.

FAQs (Yukon Grizzly Locker Review)

What other additional parts are needed for the installation?

The Grizzly locker comes with all the components required for its installation packaged together. When the installation is being done, there is no need for additional components except a bearing kit. However, the other parts, such as ring gear bolts, might need to be replaced with new ones when you are installing the Grizzly locker.

Does the locker work with large tires?

Yes. The lock has been designed to work mechanically and will work perfectly with large tires, which will enable you to tackle rough terrains with confidence.

Does it fit in the front axle?

Yes. The Grizzly locker can also fit in the front axle.

Does the locker work with automatic transmission?

Yes. The locker has been designed to work with all kinds of transmissions. However, you will require a programmer to make some modifications that will get rid of the error codes.

Final Word

In summary, the Grizzly lock is a product that anyone interested in taking on all kinds of trails should fit into their axle. The robust build of the product ensures that you are safe on the terrain, and you can also easily control your vehicle.

With the best-patented technology, the lock is safe for your vehicle and will automatically disengage when turning corners and moving around bends. Your driving will not be complicated by the inclusion of the lock, thanks to an efficient design. Installing it in your vehicle is easy, and getting accustomed to the new, powerful driving will only take a short while.

It is recommended for people looking for gear and axle locks for their racing cars. A racing car that has been fitted with this lock will be able to take part in drag racing with much ease. You can lock on while driving, which means that your racing performance will be a lot better.